The latest trailer for the much-awaited movie animation of all time, “Peanuts Movie” has just been released from Blue Sky and 20th Century Fox:

“Peanuts” creator Charles Schulz once described himself as “born to draw comic strips.” A Minneapolis native, he was just two days old when an uncle nicknamed him “Sparky,” after the horse Spark Plug from the “Barney Google” comic strip. Throughout his youth, he and his father shared a Sunday-morning ritual of reading the funnies. After serving in the army during World War II, Schulz got his first big break in 1947 when he sold a cartoon feature called “Li’l Folks” to the St. Paul Pioneer Press. In 1950, Schulz met with United Feature Syndicate, and on Oct. 2 of that year, “Peanuts,” so named by the syndicate, debuted in seven newspapers. Schulz died in Santa Rosa, Calif., Feb. 12, 2000 – just hours before his last original strip was to appear in Sunday papers.

Charles Schulz drew the most popular and influential comic strip of all time, which was read everyday by 355 million people in 75 countries. In addition to the famous strip, Peanuts holiday television specials such as “It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” have won Emmy’s and continue to be among the highest rated prime time TV specials.

Craig Schulz, President, Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates, commented, “We have been working on this project for years. We finally felt the time was right and the technology is where we need it to be to create this film. I am thrilled we will be partnering with Blue Sky/Fox to create a Peanuts movie that is true to the strip and will continue the legacy in honor of my father.”

A Blue Sky animation and 20th Century Fox presentation, “Snoopy and Charlie Brown The Peanuts Movie” will open January 8, 2016 in theatres nationwide in the Philippines.



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The final trailer reveal of the most powerful superhero “Fantastic Four” has just been released by 20th Century Fox:

In the concluding series of the movie’s series of trailer releases, it shows Reed Richards during his younger years inventing a teleportation machine. Much later in the trailer, the young group of brilliant minds that includes Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan and Jamie Bell who play respectively, Reed Richards, Johnny Storm, Sue Storm and Benjamin “Ben” Grimm are soon transformed into superheroes along with Toby Kebbell as their nemesis Dr. Doom.

                “Fantastic Four” opens very soon in cinemas nationwide this August 5 from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.


The latest breed of action talents following years of training in various martial arts star in the highly-kinetic film “Die Fighting.”  


The movie starts with four friends known as the Z-Team, Shaolin-forged martial artists who have just won the top award at a Film Festival. Fabien, Lohan, Didier and Jess immediately set their sights for Hollywood, but from within the shadows emerges a new challenge: the four find themselves in front of the seemingly inescapable eye of a mysterious director who forces them to “act” in his own brutal reality film, with the lives of their loved ones at stake. Their every move watched through hidden cameras like mice in a maze, the Z-Team are forced to run a gamut through the seedy underbelly of LA – from robbing an armored truck, encountering a rug Lord, breaking an entire dojo of BLACKBELTS, evading a SWAT team, surviving a blazing gunfight…and it’s all a part of the Director’s script. A dark filmmaker’s game culminating into a shocking ending which reveals just how high the price of success is.


As producer and lead actor Laurent Buson noted, “A lot of the punches and kicks have to be real in order to be believable” to the audience. And no doubles were used; the actors are the fighters.  With “Die Fighting,” as with Z Team’s many short films, the battles play out with hardly any  obtrusive camera tricks. The Z Team ethic mandates that the full range of martial art techniques be filmed without the choppy editing utilized in so many other action movies.


Director Fabien Garcia shot the movie like a Hong Kong action flick “because it is easy to understand what is happening” on-screen, whereas “American films are the opposite” of this visual aesthetic. Using three high-end digital cameras, including a Red One (Mysterium-X), the cast and crew filmed the meticulously-crafted action scenes with some notable influences in mind. The script even makes a few direct references to the movie heroes from the Z Team’s youthful years who themselves have undergone martial arts training since they were young. Without sacrificing originality, an homage was made each to Bruce Lee’s “Enter the Dragon,” Jackie Chan’s “Drunken Master 2,” and Chow-Yun Fat’s “Hard Boiled.”


During the epic showdown between best friends turned savage by the manipulations of the  Director, Laurent insisted that Fabien kick him particularly hard for a realistic effect. The result was Laurent having to fight with a broken rib for 9 of the 10 days in the warehouse finale. Yet and still, director Fabien was meticulous about getting enough footage to pull the best takes from his actors/fighters. Similarly in post-production, Fabien was a painstaking editor who took a year and a half to cut together the rough assembly. That’s the true meaning of “kung fu”—working skillfully toward a particular endeavor.


“Die Fighting” opens July 15 in cinemas nationwide from Crystalsky Multimedia.


Multi-faceted actor Jamie Bell who came to prominence with his award-winning performance in the British dance drama “Billy Elliot” now transforms into a hero with epic strength as Benjamin Grimm aka The Thing in this year’s highly anticipated superhero film “Fantastic Four.”


Directed by Josh Trank, “Fantastic Four” brings Bell to co-star with equally talented young actors such as Miles Teller in the role of Reed Richards aka Mr. Fantastic, Kate Mara as Sue Storm aka the Invisible Woman and Michael B. Jordan as Johnny Storm aka the Human Torch in the stand alone and contemporary re-imagining of Marvel’s first (original) superhero team created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby in 1961.


 Written by blockbuster maker Simon Kinberg (“Mr. & Mrs. Smith,” “X-Men: Days of Future Past,” “X-Men: The Last Stand”), the latest “Fantastic Four” resets everything as it introduces an origins story of a young group of friends who are dynamic, intelligent and courageous before being transformed into powerful heroes the world has ever known.   In this cutting-edge version of director Trank,  “Fantastic Four” brings the brilliant and brave young friends in what could be mankind’s first journey to an alternative universe. But during the mission, each of their physical form is altered, granting them unmatched strength and abilities.


More than playing The Thing who possesses unimaginable strength, Bell’s Ben Grimm is best friends with the brainy Reed Richards. As Ben, he is someone who is conflicted, who is inside himself, who’s kind of stuck.  He thinks that maybe baseball is his way out.  Ironically he then gets stuck and can’t find a way out but along with Reed and their newfound friends and his altered appearance, he has finally found a way to channel his inner strength to greater heights.


On filming scenes where he appears as The Thing, Bell shares that director Trank was unmovable that his character still retains his human soul through his eyes. “On every setup where I would play The Thing, there was always six to 10 reference cameras shooting my face, sometimes even just the back of my head, just to get everything, to capture reactions.  The performance aspect always remains the same, in that you 100 percent come to life as a different being.  It’s so immersive, and it kind of has to be.  For the technology to really work, you have to focus on every tiny little physicality.  I would say, “When I come to a stop, can we just make sure that dust comes off me?”  I just wanted to make sure that we never lost his organic matter. Fortunately, Kevin Mack (Visual Effects Supervisor)’s kind of a genius with that stuff,” enthused Bell on filming his scenes.


“Jamie’s someone I’ve always been a fan of, since Billy Elliot. I’ve followed his career and always wanted to work with him. Knowing him in real life I knew there was a shade of his personality that could organically embody who I feel this character needs to be in this movie. I suggested it to the studio, they loved it, they knew he was a great actor. So I called him up. I think he was a bit surprised to get the call but we had a great conversation about the character and the next day he read the script and said, “If you want me, I’m in!” said Trank on casting Bell.


Prepare for a rocking new experience in theatres when the new “Fantastic Four” opens on August 5 nationwide from 20th Century Fox to be distributed by Warner Bros.