Press Release No 1: GANGSTER LOLO : Action/Comedy movie that will surely tickle your funny bones


Asiong Salonpas (Leo Martinez) and his band of ‘senior citizen’ criminals, (played by Bembol Roco, Rez Cortez, Pen Medina, Soxie Topacio and Boy Alano) go about their lucrative criminal activities by staging successful holdup robberies in the metropolis. Their nefarious business is well-funded by Bogart (Rylan Flores) and Jim (Archi Adamos).

Things were going well for them until the Police finally caught them in a jewelry shop heist they were trying to pull through. Only Jack (Boy Alano) was able to escape.

Knowing that the gang was able to somehow hide the loot somewhere, Bogart and his group begin hunting Jack who was able to provide a map to Asiong and the others who were already in prison.

While in jail, Asiong, Bembol, Rez, Pen and Soxie decided to ‘turn over a new leaf’ and reform themselves. With their families rejecting them for being criminals and for some other personal reasons, they made caring for one another as ‘family’ their lifetime commitment. Indeed, the prison management noticed their good deeds and in no time, they were free men once more.

With their families refusing to take them back and with nowhere to go, Asiong and his friends decided to live in the old tenement building where they knew Jack hid their loot.

Picking up the pieces of their broken lives once more, Asiong and his gang live their new lives in the tenement neighborhood and find themselves decent jobs. They make their mark as heroes in their place driving out criminal elements who were preying on the tenement dwellers.

Slowly things fall into their right places for each one of them. Asiong wins the love of her dream girl, Parole Officer Ms. Garcia (Isabel Granada) while Soxie gets the nod of his policeman brod-in-law after helping him out  against some holduppers. Rez was able to rescue his only daughter

from drug pushers while Pen gets back with his wife who was ill with dementia. Bembol gets his lifelong wish of his siblings’ acceptance and their recognition that he sacrificed his own good for them to finish their studies; thus, one of them is now a doctor, another a lawyer, another an engineer, one a priest and another a nun.

Thus, when Asiong and his friends finally found their new lives again and were enjoying the fruits of their ‘renewed’ existence, they chanced upon the loot hidden by Jack in the tenement. They were unanimous in their decision that the love, care and friendship they now enjoy is all the wealth they will ever need in life. So they distributed the loot to their newly found friends, the tenement residents. When Bogart and his criminal friends attack them, their tenement neighbors help them fight them off their residence.

The movie while delivering the old-school laughs and satisfying the right action ‘adrenalin’ rush, also highlights the theme that ‘Crime does not pay’ and the basic Golden Rule (Do unto others what you want other to do unto you).

GANGSTER LOLO directed by William G. Mayo and produced by Randy and Marilou Nonato, and Rylan Flores under their Cosmic Raven Ventures Productions, will be showing at your favorite theaters on November 19, 2014.


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