Based on true events, “The Ouija Experiment” narrates the story of five friends who decide to record their experimental sessions with an Ouija board hoping to create a viral video that will make them famous.  Directed and written by Israel Luna whose foray into filmmaking was inspired by the movie “The Exorcist” at the age of five, he would then eventually be known for his  horror and offbeat films such as “Fright Flick,”  “Ticked-off Trannies with Knives” and “The Deadbeat Club.”


In “The Ouija Experiment,” Luna utilizes the actors’ improvisational skills based on the outline he gave them.   Armed with an Ouija board and video recorder, they start to beckon the spirits and when the spirits came, it made them forget the important rules of the game and soon become powerless against the evil entities that occupy the board.  Realizing the grave consequences they brought upon themselves, they decide to destroy the board before it destroys all of them.Image

Michael (played by Justin Armstrong), has summoned an uncommon group of friends to his Dallas, Texas home for a night of séances via the infamous spirit board.  Brandon is conveniently a film student who has a camera in tow to document the event.  With their fingers on the pointer, the planchette whirls around the board to tell the tale of little Gracie and her mother Lisa.  Lisa reportedly shot a bad man named Joseph after he drowned her precious child.  But another lesson this group forgot is that spirits tend to lie and  there is more to this story than the board lets on.  And when they neglect the rule about saying goodbye to the ghosts, these five friends open a doorway to the spirit world that they may not be able to close. Image

“The Ouija Experiment” opens DECEMBER 11, Exclusive in SM Cinemas and in theaters from CrystalSky Multimedia, Inc.

Check out their website and social network pages: www.crystalskymultimedia.com

www.facebook.com/CRYSTALSKYMULTIMEDIA  and www.twitter.com/crystalskymedia


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