SAPI / Possession

About the Movie

Sapi” is basically a horror film about a paranormal phenomenon of demonic possession intertwined in the TV Networks war of being the Number 1. This paranormal occurrence has created widespread fear and curiosity. 

With the rival station Philippine Broadcasting Channel (PBC) eating up the TV audiences’ major share, Sarimanok Broadcasting Network (SBN) needs a miracle to stay alive in the competition. In these mad and fearful times, SBN’s news team finds that documenting an actual spiritual possession would be their only hope.

Tasked to head the documentary production is MERYLL FLORES, a trainee TV Executive producer, along with DENNIS MARQUEZ, the reporter. Needless to say, the success of the project will also secure their eventual promotion in the company.

However, the miracle seems to evade Meryll’s team. They go to distant places, schools, provincial areas, religious groups, and faith healers, just to cover the case of mass possession. Worse, BARON VALDEZ, cameraman of the rival network PBC, is the one who was able to capture the isolated case of demonic possession that involved a high school teacher (Ruby).

To fulfill her task, Meryll enters into a deal that is more profoundly horrifying than the harrowing scene of paranormal possession. To acquire the needed footage, she buys the outtakes of the Ruby possession case from Baron.

But at the point where Meryll imagines to be the turning point of her new career, an exorcising reality dawns on her with a spiralling effect that mirrors the political system governing the TV network.

–>You’ll be surprised to know what you are really afraid of ….”Anung Kinakatakutan Mo?”


About the Director:

Award-winning Director Brillante Mendoza was recently conferred by the Ministry of Culture of France with the Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres and most notable distinction of being the only Filipino director to win the Best Director trophy at the prestigious Cannes Film Festival in 2009 for Kinatay (that starred Coco Martin).

Today, he has his latest film entitled “Sapi” (Possession) that alreasy world premiered at the A-List Toronto international Film Festival, next in Sitges, Spain and Busan Intl Film Festival both this 1st week of October per below Poster’s initial list of Laurels. 

The Philippine Premiere of “Sapi” will be on November 6, 2013 in SM Megamall Theater, 6 PM with its week-long theatrical releases to follow.



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